Thursday, August 11, 2011

Produce PLU Codes - Thwarted Again

In grocery stores, all produce that is sold in bulk has a Price Look-up (PLU) code that consists of either a 4 or 5 digit number, printed on a sticker and attached to it. For example:
Organic - a 5-digit number always beginning with the number 9 (94001)
Conventional - a 4-digit number always beginning with the number 4 (4001)
GMO - a 5-digit number always beginning with the number 8 (84001)
Well, you might say, I've never seen any produce with a 5-digit number starting with the number 8.

In 1992 biotech companies were so sure that we wanted to eat their "science experiments" that they were all for adding a new code so that their "frankenfood" could be easily identified - certain that consumers would want to know which food was altered and rush right in and buy it. NOT! Those biotech geniuses soon learned that we didn't want their "frankenfood" and were purposely NOT buying it due to the new code listed on it. So, what did those biotech companies do, they removed the "8" from the labels. That's right "frankenfood", food created in a laboratory, GMO has NO restrictions, NO labeling requirements.

The only way that we "know" we are being protected from these gentically modified foods is to buy Certified Organic. However, as we are learning, even that may not protect us from GMOs as companies producing these products do not necessarily follow the strict guidelines that have been set to protect the consumer. And the FDA is virtually powerless to do anything about it.

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