Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kashi Serves Up "All-Natural" GMO Soy, Corn and Sugar

As a young girl growing up in Michigan we visited the Kellogg's manufacturing plant on numerous occasions and I have very fond memories of the company as a whole, so it was VERY disappointing to learn about their most recent betrayal of consumers. Like so many of you, I too believed, purchased and consumed many of the Kashi products produced by Kellogg's, thinking that I was getting a better, healthier product that I could trust. It is outrageous to me that Kellogg's knowingly mislead consumers with their false claims and outright lies (and continues to do so)!

Kashi products have been labeled "all-natural" and/or containing "nothing artificial" since 1999, but in reality there are many unnaturally processed, synthetic and GMO ingredients in their products. Kashi senior nutritionist and healthy lifestyle expert, Jeff Johnson, said that the company stands by it's claims. He said, "Kashi provides comprehensive information about our foods to enable people to make well-informed decisions. We stand behind our advertising and labeling practices." Those same advertising and labeling practices that prompted a class action lawsuit by consumers. The suit claims that Kashi products aim to take advantage of a booming market for natural foods and beverages - a market that is growing by leaps and bounds.

The FDA, which regulates the labeling of packaged foods, currently has not defined the term "natural", but it has said that a product is not natural if it contains synthetic or artifical ingredients. I honestly don't know how much more "unnatural" GMO soy can be??? Which leads me to ask, "Mr. Johnson - what part of synthetic and artificial do you not understand?"

Another thing that greatly concerns me is that Kashi has a campaign directed at kids through parents, who not knowing any better, are purchasing these Frankenfoods for their kids. These parents have been led to believe that they are purchasing healthier items for their children when in reality they are paying more money for the same garbage in different packaging. On Kashi's home page there is a large block of text that states - "Want to help your kids eat better? We want to help. Explore our Kid-friendly top-10 favorites and get tips on serving your family good-for-you foods." Well, if GMO sugar, GMO corn and GMO soy are healthier, than Kashi just might be on to something...

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  1. I think it just goes to show, if you want to know what you are eating, you have to make it yourself, with ingredients that are locally sourced.

    Another thing that makes me mistrust these companies, is that they hide behind another name. Do any of the Kashi products even have the word Kellogg's on them? I highly doubt it. I think they left the letter "t" off the end of their name.

    I'm enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for writing it. I think more and more people are becoming aware of how bad our food really is. People like you are helping get the word out. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hello Jane! Thank you so much for stopping by! I totally agree with you, I think there is a "t" missing from the end of their name! LOL!

    Products like Kashi really get under my skin...here is a product that is supposed to be "healthy", making all of us feel good about buying and consuming and come to find out they are just as bad as all of the other processed food companies! Shame on them!